Investigations 101

Why You May Need to Hire a Fraud Investigator
As much as we all like to hope that we have done our due diligence hiring the right staff for our business, sometimes a few bad apples fall off the tree and into your place of business!

Hiring a Private Investigator: Now What?
If you've decided that hiring a private investigator is in either you or your business's best interests, you can feel a little worried wondering just exactly what you should look for before signing a contract with any private investigation company.

Preemployment Screening: Protecting Your Business
Your business is your baby—it's a "child" you nurture from sunrise to sunset. How can you protect your business to be sure it's got the right staff and right security measures?

Custody of Children: Bitter Family Battles
One of the most difficult aspects in family law is cases that involve issues regarding custody of children. Whether it's a divorce case or the case of two parents trying to bitterly hack out who will have custody of a child, these custody battles can get very ugly.

Think He/She's Cheating?: How Do You Catch A Cheater?
In Canada, adultery is considered grounds for divorce, which means it's crucial to catch a cheater legally. 

Why You Need Social Media Monitoring?
Think that social media posts don't really matter?
Think again. Doing a little social media monitoring can go a long way whether it's for a court case (family or criminal) or in order to protect your online reputation.

Is My Office Bugged?
Electronic eavesdropping and hidden camera usage is on the rise in corporations and public places of gathering.

Domestic Surveillance Matters During Divorce
Divorce is a very delicate situation, especially when it involves children and children's rights.

What Does an Undercover Detective Do?
Undercover investigative services are not what you see on the television or in popular spy novels.

Do You Suspect Theft in the Workplace?
If you or one of the members of management or corporate suspect foul play, fraud, workplace theft or any other matter of corporate crime,

Cybercrime: What is a Cybercrime?
If you’ve never been the victim of a cybercrime, be thankful! From phishing to stolen identities and more, cybercrime is wicked.

Are Your Kids Traveling Alone?
It may sound strange to hear of kids traveling alone, but in today’s day and age with many parents sharing joint custody after divorce as well as simply going to see grandma in another part of the country, having some essential tips to keep your kids safe when traveling is essential.

Fraud and Workers Compensation in Canada
While there are many honest employees who truly need and deserve workers compensation, from time to time an employee filling out those workers compensation forms may not be honest.

Separation: Getting a Divorce in Canada
Going through the divorce procedure and frantically researching for a divorce lawyer or mediator is a stressful time. It is common for people to experience depression and anxiety while going through a separation with their spouses because it is a tremendous life change.

How to Handle Employee Theft
According to a study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, 25 percent of internal fraud (theft in the workplace & fraud in the workplace issues) issues amounted to a loss of 1 million dollars on average.

Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator During Divorce
There are many reasons for divorce, which may explain why according to CBCNews Canada, the divorce rate in Canada back in 2010 was quoted as “4 in 10 first marriages” ending in divorce.

Put an End to Fraudulent Workplace Injury Claims with the Help of a Workers’ Comp Fraud Investigator
As an employer, it is your responsibility to protect your employees from the financial consequences of workplace accidents by affording them workers’ compensation benefits. But, what if the workplace injury was staged, in order for an employee to illicitly collect workers’ compensation benefits?

The Importance of Video Surveillance & Internet Surveillance in Infidelity Cases
Infidelity is a very personal and often traumatic experience that has ruined many marriages. The suspicious activities that go along with infidelity are enough to make any loyal spouse feel uncertain about almost every aspect of their marriage.

When Wire Taps Go Horribly Wrong
Most people have a romanticized idea about wire taps and their purpose. They’re used in police raids, or film noir, or by whistle blowers who are saving the world from their greedy, corrupt, power-hungry bosses.

Learn the Truth about Wire Tapping?
In April of 2012, Canada’s Supreme Court declared that police could no longer engage in wire tapping without a warrant – even in cases of an emergency.

What Happens When a Parent is Not Paying Child Support?
There are always a number of possibilities why a spouse is not paying child support, and not all of them are bad.

Running a Detailed Business Investigation Takes a Professional
When it comes to your company, you can’t be too careful. A professionally conducted business investigation can save you time, money and heart-ache in the future. 

The Importance of Employment Background Checks
It would be nice to conduct an interview, meet a potential employee face-to-face, and hire that candidate on the spot, wouldn’t it? Fifty years ago, that might have been the case.  

Child Custody Arrangements
There’s nothing easy about divorce. Both the decision to separate as a couple and the process which follows that decision take a toll emotionally, physically and financially – and it can be even worse when there are children involved.   

What is Surveillance
We’re constantly under surveillance, even if we don’t realize it.   

Reporting a Runaway
Every year, thousands of runaway children take to the streets in Canadian cities. 

Employee Fraud
For an employer, finding out an employee has engaged in theft, embezzlement or another type of fraud is one of the most heartbreaking things possible.

How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating
Nobody ever wants to have to learn how to know if your spouse is cheating on you. But millions of spouses must ask that question, along with “Is my spouse cheating?” every year.

What To Do When Hiring A Private Investigation Agency
Nobody ever wants to have to research private investigation services and learn how to hire a private investigator. But sometimes the twists and turns of life leave you no choice but to find a private investigator who can unearth the answers you need.



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