There are certain steps an investigator has to take when looking into an accidental or suspicious death. Investigations need to be thorough, but they should also be discreet. At VIP Investigations, we know just what that means. For nearly twenty years, our fully licensed, bonded and insured team of investigators has helped individuals and businesses in Montreal and Quebec who require death investigations for personal or insurance reasons. If you believe that a wrongful death claim has been filed under less-than-honest circumstances, we have the experience and the resources to discover the truth.

We Thoroughly Investigate Wrongful Death Claims

Most people are familiar with the term wrongful death claim through the legal system: if a loved one is accidentally killed because of another person’ negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. But when that wrongful death claim comes out of nowhere — a perfectly healthy person suddenly dies for no medially explainable reason; there’s an accident but a body is never recovered — it could be fraud. At VIP Investigations, our insurance fraud investigators work with police to uncover the truth about what happened. We’ll look into an accidental death that may not be so “accidental” by:

  • Combing through financial records of the deceased
  • Interviewing close friends, family and employers/employees
  • Examining all insurance policies
  • Performing audio and video surveillance at the home, place of employment and common hangouts of the deceased
  • Speaking with coroners and forensic pathologists about their findings

In all of our death investigations, we offer professional service designed to move the investigation forward smoothly and efficiently. We perform all of our work with discretion and respect. At VIP Investigations, your case is always our number one priority.

If an accidental death seems suspicious, you want a professional looking into it.  VIP Investigations offers you answers to your questions. We’re proud to have been the Consumer’s Choice Award winner for the last seven years! Contact the V.I.P. Investigations Detective Agency today at (514) 238-8847 to speak with an insurance fraud investigator.