Are You Being Watched? Call On Personal Investigation Services

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Do you have the feeling of being watched at work or when you are out somewhere? Is your phone at home making funny noises you’ve never heard…even when you’re not using it? You may feel as if you’re being paranoid but there is a good chance that it’s time for you to call on personal investigation services to solve the mystery!

With today’s technology, bugging devices and taps are actually not hard to buy or find. Meaning that whether it’s an ex-spouse trying to frame you as a bad parent or your boss tracking your behavior at work, being “bugged” is more common than you think and doesn’t mean you’ve got some bad case of anxiety.

More people and businesses are reaching out to personal detective agencies to understand how to find bugging devices than you even realize. Here are a few signs that perhaps, your residence or place of business has been bugged, and it’s time to call a debug service.

How To Find Bugging Devices: A Debug Service 

If you’ve experienced or dealt with the following scenarios in your business or home, your suspicions or the feeling of being watched, bugged or wiretapped, may not be paranoid, but instead accurate:

  • Your phone makes noises, even if you aren’t using it, like beeps, static, humming or a popping sound
  • Your phone rings and there is no one there, minus a faint tone or high-pitched squeal
  • Your radio or TV has a lot of interference
  • Unusual amount of utility workers in your area (home or business)
  • Your electrical box OR an electrical box outside your place of employment/business has extra hardware
  • Utility companies to repair something you had no idea was even broken
  • Furniture in your home or office moved “slightly” different than how you had it
  • Electrical wall plates were moved or jarred
  • Your business or home was burglarized but nothing seems to be stolen

If any of these 9 signs ring true for your situation, it’s time to hire a professional bug sweeper and private detective to uncover if you’re being watched, tapped or bugged. Many personal investigation services exist just for this purpose, and are worth the money invested.

When hiring an investigator or agency, here are a few things to look for:

  • How well respected is the agency? Do they come with positive reviews and references?
  • How up-to-date is the agent’s equipment?
  • Do they come with insurance? What if something happens while debugging or searching for wiretaps?

Lastly, what are some of the reasons you may be wiretapped, watched or bugged at home or work?

  1. An ex-spouse or spouse filing for divorce may be trying to establish your character or track your behaviors for use in custody battles
  2. Your boss may be concerned about your work productivity, or perhaps may be wondering if you are conducting illegal activities at work
  3. A corporate spy could be trying to obtain sensitive information about your company’s intellectual properties

No matter what the reason is if you suspect your office or home is bugged, it’s time to call a professional investigation and debugging company to handle this matter discreetly, professionally and quickly.