VIP INVESTIGATIONS INC. is a known and trusted Canadian private investigative service providing our clients with all types of investigations from custody cases to online reputation management services. With social media such a huge part of our everyday lives, all types of cases require a social detective that can get answers and discover problems on the Internet with professional expertise and care.

It’s not unusual for criminal or family court cases to utilize social media research to paint the picture of an individual’s character, or even be used to prove cause or refute an alibi.

If you are facing a court case or looking to do a background investigation, calling on a social detective to research a suspect or your own social media background is a smart and wise move.

When Do You Need A Social Network Forensics Specialist?

Here are some reasons you should reach out to an Internet investigator:

Headed to family court? Do some online reputation management through social media and also, utilize a former spouse or family member’s social media page as evidence of proof of character
Suspicious about an employee? Hire an Internet investigator to learn more about this employee.
In the middle of a criminal trial?: Social media may prove innocence…guilt…or the basis of character.

An Internet Investigator Will Reveal More Than You Think

Skeptical about the power and need for a social network forensics specialist?

Here’s what a social detective can reveal:

– Statuses, Updates
– Internet Searches
– Place of location
– Photographs– is your spouse really faithful?
– Messages on Twitter, Facebook and more
– Timing—was the person truly where he or she said he/she was at a given time? A Facebook post can reveal quite a bit.
– Interactions—Whom is this person interacting with?

A social media investigator will commonly research sites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other websites.

A social network forensics specialist can uncover a treasure trove’s worth of information, set up alerts to uncover new tidbits, and utilize software in order to conduct a thorough and professional investigation. As much as you or a company may think your “Googling” will reveal, an internet investigator with years of experience will understand how to find information and utilize it to build your case—or protect your reputation with online reputation management advice and care.

If you are ready to find out the information you need to build your case or you’re looking to uncover what is “searchable” about yourself, contact VIP INVESTIGATIONS INC. today to learn how social media forensics can help you at 514-238-8847.