catch cheating spouseMillions of people will have to some day ask how do I catch cheating spouse. Marital infidelity occurs in between 30 and 60 percent of marriages. What do you do if you recognize signs your spouse is cheating but have no concrete proof?

At VIP Investigations, we know how to catch cheating spouse

We provide the resolution and closure you seek. We offer a variety of surveillance options to clients suspecting their spouse is engaging in marital infidelity, including the “traditional” methods of tracking the actions of the spouse in question, searching his or her assets and investigating his or her potential lovers.

Marital Infidelity

Our staff of investigators also knows how to catch a cheating spouse in a variety of high-tech ways. We’ll monitor the Internet activity on your unfaithful spouse’s computer in search of suspicious emails, instant messages and websites visited as well as evaluate his or her cell phone activity.

Figuring out how to catch cheating spouse is one of the most difficult things the affected spouse will ever have to do, but we will handle your case with the utmost care, compassion and discretion as we help you through this tumultuous period in your life.

VIP Investigations was founded in 1994 and has assisted countless homeowners, industries, families, retail and commercial business operators and corporate companies in our nearly two decades of existence. If you think your spouse is cheating, contact us today at (514) 238-8847 or email us to set up an appointment with our team!