Technical Surveillance Countermeasures For Your Business

Is your business losing thousands and billons of dollars due to intellectual theft and other issues of corporate espionage? If you said yes, you need to reach out and schedule a consultation with the top agency and private investigator office in Canada offering technical surveillance countermeasures, VIP Investigations.

Your company’s intellectual and confidential information is prone to bugging and illegal acts of property theft, thanks to the advances in technology. From your computer systems and on, your information may not be safe and VIP Investigations is here to offer your business corporate TSCM services in order to have your business debugged correctly and quickly.

Corporate TSCM Services Done The Right

Winners of the Consumers’ Choice Award for ten years and serving Montreal and Quebec since 1994, VIP Investigations offers businesses the best TSCM inspection around.

Their TSCM inspection will:

  • Detect remote and surveillance software discreetly with state-of-the art technology
  • Remove any recording devices in your telecommunication systems (phones, computers)
  • Pick up any visual or audio recording devices
  • Eliminate dangerous or illegal surveillance activities
  • Provide physical and electronic sweeps of your business

And hiring the right private investigator office for corporate TSCM services is crucial: plenty of agencies can claim to do the job correctly because they have the right equipment, but unless they have the right experience, they won’t effectively debug your business.

VIP Investigations‘ team has an excellent reputation, with each agent having a high-level of expertise and background to get the job done correctly. VIP Investigations  also uses the best equipment to date, is qualified to handle your computer, electrical and telecommunication systems and can offer you and your business, peace of mind and results! Protecting your company’s sensitive information is important to your bottom line every single day. Not to mention any legal issues that may come if someone gets hold of information with the intention of ruining your company’s reputation. Can you take that risk?

VIP Investigations will do a top-notch and thorough job debugging your company, from your computer systems to your telephones. With the advances in technology and the cheap costs of these bugging devices, corporations are under more risk than ever before.

Don’t take that chance. Call us today at (514) 238-8847 to learn more about our corporate TSCM inspections and debugging services.