Custody of Children: Bitter Family Battles

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One of the most difficult aspects in family law is cases that involve issues regarding custody of children. Whether it’s a divorce case or the case of two parents trying to bitterly hack out who will have custody of a child, these custody battles can get very ugly.

It’s not enough legally to show up in court in Canada with “proof” collected from you, your family members or a friend when it comes to child custody investigations.

As much as a former spouse or parent to your child may indeed be a negative influence or bad for your child, the court wants to see objective proof that establishes a parent as a bad influence for a child, and not simply evidence a judge might classify as “emotional testimony.”

This is why when it comes to child custody investigations, hiring a private investigator is a smart move.

The Bitter Custody Battle: How Private Investigators Help

A custody battle is emotional, tense and difficult on all members involved—parents and child/children.  So when two parents—or one parent—are concerned about child support and custody matters, a private investigator can step in to safely, ethically and soundly collect proof of the child’s situation.

Instinct is not enough. A private investigator is:

  • Objective– an objective party who can collect evidence to show whether a child is in danger or not
  • Ethical—an ethical professional who will never endanger your child or the people surrounding him or her during an investigation, nor will the investigator get emotionally involved like family or friends might
  • Effective & Timely— an effective and timely investigator, unlike government officials, a private investigator is both effective AND timely, so the investigation will be done promptly in order to avoid prolonging the case or having the results diluted.
  • Professional— a professional who has conducted covert surveillance in child custody matters for many years

Covert Surveillance: Providing Proof in Child Support and Custody Matters

A private investigator will use covert surveillance, research and other objective investigative tools to discover if your child is:

  • Being neglected or abused
  • Around unsavory characters
  • Around drug or alcohol users
  • Determine molestation
  • And other situations

If your former spouse is living with a new spouse or not using child support to properly feed and clothe your children…this is where an investigator comes in.

Your children are your most precious gift. Do not scrimp when it comes to determining their living situation if you suspect abuse, neglect or worse from another parent. Hire a private investigator to get you the answers you and your children so desperately need.