Online Private Detective: Delving Into Social Media & Other Cyber Research Investigations

Whether you’re an employer trying to catch an employee in potential disability fraud or a partner trying to catch a cheating spouse, call on VIP Investigations, Canada’s premiere online private detective and personal investigator services company, to uncover the truth.

VIP Investigations is an expert private investigation agency, offering clients the ability to conduct thorough cyber research investigations into social media, email and more. Often, this research can then be used for a court case or background investigation to really nail the evidence (and your case) to the wall. Social media and other online activities can reveal quite a bit about the person under investigation. Don’t discredit the power of an expert cyber private investigator.

What Can Online Private Investigator Services Do For Your Case?

From Facebook posts to Facebook Messenger private texts, online private investigator services are designed to help you gather relevant information to support your case in a few ways, like:

  • Refute or support this person’s alibi
  • Establish the person’s character
  • Offer additional evidence to a case

Cyber investigations are commonly used today—more than you know!

Here are just a few circumstances in which our services are used in order to help our clients prove their case:

  • Corporate cases involving disability fraud, employee theft and character establishment for hiring
  • Custody cases in family court
  • Cases involving infidelity
  • Proving or discrediting drug use

An expert online detective can pull data from a variety of places, like: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Tumblr, YouTube, Instagram, instant messaging services, web history, email and more.

Whether it’s a person’s locations, habits or behaviors you are looking to uncover, cyber sleuthing through social media, email and internet searching can be extremely helpful for establishing or supporting an already rock solid case. The fact is people leave a very traceable Internet footprint and this data could be more powerful.

Call us today at (514) 238-8847 for a consultation with our expert cyber private investigator to discover how VIP Investigations can help you with your corporate or domestic cyber investigation.