Is your ex-spouse delinquent with child support payments? Have you stopped receiving alimony payments even though you have a legal right to receive them? Then it’s time to call the professionals. For almost 20 years, VIP Investigations has been helping spouses navigate the waters of Canadian child support and alimony, to help them get the monies they’re entitled to have. We’re a high-profile, fully licensed, bonded and insured firm who puts its clients first. We have the training, the dedication and the know-how that’s needed to get our clients everything they deserve. Delinquent child support RECOVERED!

VIP Investigations Helps with Delinquent Child Support

  • Recovering Delinquent Child Support Payments
  • Recovering Delinquent Alimony Payments
  • Investigations into Negligence on Behalf of Your Former Spouse
  • Thorough Knowledge of Canadian Child Support and Divorce Laws
  • Thorough Knowledge of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Spousal Support Guidelines

Alimony Payments Aren’t Voluntary

Your former spouse can’t simply stop your alimony payments for no reason. At VIP Investigations, we’ll help you discover why you’re not receiving your money through due diligence, research and, if necessary, surveillance. So if you’re owed money, let us help you recover it.

Canadian child support laws are tough.  VIP Investigations can help. We’re proud to have been the Consumer’s Choice Award winner for more than five years!

Contact the V.I.P. Investigations Detective Agency today at (514) 238-8847 for more information about spousal support guidelines.