Employee fraud is a serious problem that affects about 50% of business in a given year, with insurance companies averaging about 43%. Fraud in Canada’s businesses, in this case, refers to everything from time theft in the workplace to disability claims for phony or exaggerated illnesses.

At VIP Investigations, we’ve been helping business owners in Montreal and Quebec uncover evidence of employee fraud for almost 20 years. Our team of fully insured and licensed investigators has successfully served:

  • Insurance companies. Health insurance fraud is common in this country. If you suspect your employees are committing insurance fraud, we can help. If you’re an employee who has a legitimate claim, but has yet to receive compensation, we can help you, too.
  • Retailers. Retail companies have the highest rates of fraud in the country.
  • Factories and warehouses. Because of the nature of the work, companies whose income is based in manual labor have higher incidences of workers’ comp fraud than other industries. Our team will also investigate claims on behalf of workers who have been hurt on the job, but whose employers have denied them benefits.Are You a Victim of Time Theft in the Workplace?

Hourly wage employers, such as retailers, have higher rates of time theft in the workplace. But even if your employees are salaried, they may be taking advantage of you through paid time off, vacation days or even through health insurance fraud. VIP Investigations can find the evidence you need to prove that your employees are committing fraud. In you’re an employee whose boss has refused to pay your earned wages, or has denied you benefits, we can also uncover evidence that may help your claim against them.

Fraud in Canada is on the rise. At VIP Investigations, we’ve helped clients with prove health insurance fraud, suspicious payroll activity and everything in between. We’ve been the Consumer’s Choice Award winner for the last 10 years! Contact the V.I.P. Investigations Detective Agency today at (514) 238-8847 for more information about workers’ comp fraud or possible time theft.