As we move into a more technologically advanced future, it becomes easier for the less honest people out there to hurt us. Employee fraud, usually in the form of identity theft, is one of the biggest problems owners face. Other forms of business fraud include:

  • Health Insurance fraud
  • Worker’s Compensation fraud
  • Invoice and Billing fraud

Employee Fraud

At VIP Investigations, we can determine whether or not your business has been the victim of internal fraud on behalf of your workers. Our discreet, professional and dedicated staff will work with you to ensure highest level of courtesy and respect during the course of the investigation. And since we serve both Montreal and Quebec, we’re available to help you eliminate employee theft wherever you are.

Put an End to Business Fraud

You could be losing thousands because of internal theft. Our private investigators can help you save money. We’re proud to have been the Consumer’s Choice Award winner for more than five years! Contact the V.I.P. Investigations Detective Agency today at (514) 238-8847 for more information about ending employee fraud or to schedule your free consultation.