Employment Screening Services: Cyber Research Will Uncover More Than You Ever Knew

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If you are in human resources and dealing with hiring, firing and confirming or negating certain employee behaviors, you already know what a taxing job it can be conducting thorough employment screening services.

From background check systems, to dealing with employee disability and disability fraud cases, a human resources manager’s day is never done.

But have you considered what cyber investigation services can do to help supplement your many different tasks at work?

It’s amazing what sort of information can be unearthed during an Internet and social media search about a person’s character and behaviors.

From Cyber Fraud to Background Checks: An Internet Private Investigator Can Help Your Corporate Cause

An Internet private investigator can do a lot to help you manage numerous and stressful situations at the corporate level. From diving into a person’s social media posts, to discovering hidden tracks via email, don’t discredit the power of hiring an online investigator to help make your job in human resources, easier. Here are some of the situations in which smart human resource managers rely on private detectives in order to handle difficult legal matters.

  1. Cyber Fraud: Is one of your employees hacking into the corporate system illegally? Has an employee started using a corporate credit card recklessly? These types of cyber fraud can be detected with the proper online investigation.
  2. Character Establishment: As you’re undergoing background checks and establishing a potential hire’s character, wouldn’t it be nice to have an online private eye to do some work fishing into this person’s social media habits to understand his or her character before you hired the person?
  3. Supporting Disability or Injury Claims: What if you have an employee who is on disability that perhaps, you don’t quite trust? Or this person is claiming to be sick and has been out of work for extended periods of time… what if his or her social media revealed this person was in good health or had an under-the-table cash job? There is a lot that a cyber search can uncover.
  4. Substance Abuse Issues: One of your employees claims another coworker is drinking on the job, or coming to work intoxicated? While this is a complicated matter that will require way more than social media research, an Internet private investigator can use social media and Internet research to help supplement a pending case.

What Will Cyber Investigation Services Do?

Now that you know how beneficial cyber investigation services are and the situations in which human resources can lean on online private detectives for critical matters, what types of things will an online private eye do in order to help with cases of cyber and disability fraud, background checks and more?

First, the detective will look into: social media status updates, photos, posts and messages through private messenging apps. This person will draw information from places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and more. The detective will search key terms that relate to the case at hand and utilize special software to monitor a person’s activity.  Truly, cyber research is a powerful tool to help human resource managers who are dealing with difficult employees, hiring new candidates and ensuring that the company only hires people with company values.