Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator During Divorce

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Reasons for Divorce: It’s Complicated

There are many reasons for divorce, which may explain why according to CBCNews Canada, the divorce rate in Canada back in 2010 was quoted as “4 in 10 first marriages” ending in divorce.

Whether you and your partner grow apart, fall out of love, fight too much, have infidelity in marriage, money problems, or family drama, the reasons  for divorce are so vast that each divorce is different.

But sometimes, the motivations behind divorce get complicated, especially when there is financial trouble or infidelity in marriage. Complications such as these can make proceeding with the divorce very stressful.

Divorce: Should You Hire a Private Investigator?

Divorce can get ugly, especially during the divorce process. There are no real statistics amongst the divorce rate in Canada and other data involving Canadian divorce as to how many people get embroiled in a heavy legal battle, but sometimes there is good reason to hire a professional private investigator to uncover dirty truths during the divorce process.

A lawyer can’t get you the information you will be looking for if you suspect your partner of infidelity in marriage or hiding financial assets. A lawyer cannot tell you how your children are being treated during the other coparent’s time.

Who can help you discover the proof and facts of a situation in divorce in an ethical and professional manner?

A private investigator, that’s who. And as the divorce rate in Canada has grown, the need for highly-trained, discreet and sensitive private investigation services strictly for domestic purposes has grown. People understand that private investigators have value during the stress and turmoil of a divorce in which facts are so often desperately needed/

Infidelity In Marriage and Other Reasons To Use a Private Investigator

A reputable private investigator can find out if your spouse is:

  • Hiding Money: it’s common for spouse during divorce to hide money. A licensed private investigator can search databases for financial documents and other information that you cannot.
  • Infidelity in Marriage: is your spouse cheating? A private investigator can find out.
  • Uncover unsafe parenting practices: are you concerned for your child’s welfare when he or she is in the hands of your spouse? Hire a private investigator to discover what’s happening when you’re not around.
  • Is your ex cohabitating? If your ex is living with another partner, it can affect alimony and financial resources. A private investigator can uncover just exactly who’s residing in your ex’s home!
  • Is your ex being paid “under the table”?  A private investigator can find this out.

Hiring a Private Investigator

If you’re hiring a private investigator in domestic matters like divorce, look for the following things:

  • Hourly rate charge: find out the rates as well as the hours typically needed for a case such as yours in order to budget for the process
  • References: a professional private investigator firm will have references at the ready for you. Nothing predicts future behavior better than past behavior. A good review is a great sign.
  • Proof of license: you want a private investigation firm that is certified!
  • Liability insurance: ask to see liability insurance and proof of bonding in case the private investigator accidentally damages property while working on your specialized case.

No matter what your reasons are for divorce, a private investigator can help make the divorce process go more smoothly when you get the proof you need to build a solid case for yourself during the divorce proceedings.