Hiring a Private Investigator: Now What?

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If you’ve decided that hiring a private investigator is in either you or your business’s best interests, you can feel a little worried wondering just exactly what you should look for before signing a contract with any private investigation company. The reality is if you have gotten to this step you still may wonder, “What do private investigators do exactly?” and the answer is all dependent on the investigative services firm you hire.

From domestic matters such as surveillance in the case of custody issues all the way to business investigations for matters like fraud, a private investigator can be incredibly invaluable for all that he or she will do for your case.

But how do you pick the right investigator?

Well it’s always dependent on your particular case, but we can highlight here some of the most important aspects in choosing investigative services for your important matter.

Private Investigation Companies: Picking a Qualified Investigator

As you review various private investigation companies, either through word of mouth referrals or perhaps a Google search, here are some things to keep in mind in order to be sure you’re hiring a qualified investigator that will handle your case with care.

1. Manpower of the Agency VS. Size of Your Case
Make sure the private investigative agency you choose is big enough to handle your case if indeed, your case requires a large scope. You want to be sure the agency has the manpower to carry out your case effectively.

2.  Longevity of Service
How long has this agency been in business? Have they built up a reputation and clientele?
You want to be sure you’re not hiring a newbie. Get someone or an agency who is seasoned in the type of case you’re asking him or her to conduct.

3. Specialties
Does this agency specialize or have a lot of experience handling the type of case you’re bringing to the table? For example, if you are looking for someone to handle a domestic case for the purposes of custody, does this agency have experience conducting covert surveillance for the purposes of a custody battle?
Make sure whomever you choose to be your investigator has the education and skills required to conduct this case ethically and effectively!

4. Established Presence
Look online and in the community:

Does this agency have a detailed website? Does this agency have a reputation in the community? Are you able to see reviews for this company?
These are big factors when hiring a private investigator.

5. Licensed & Insured
Is your private investigator licensed to practice?  Is this agency insured?
You need to be able to answer yes to both questions.

5. Your Trust
The bottom line is the last and final thing you need in order to hire a PI is your trust.
Does this investigator seem confident and composed? Does this person look at you in the eyes and give you a sense of ease?

Effectiveness. Ethics. Organization. These are things you want when you hire a private investigator.