Think He/She’s Cheating?: How Do You Catch A Cheater?

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In Canada, adultery is considered grounds for divorce, which means it’s crucial to catch a cheater legally.  If you have any suspicions that your spouse might be dabbling with his old “BFF” he reconnected with on Facebook, his administrative assistant or perhaps, an old boyfriend she’s “just friends” with, you need proof that is tangible in court in order to secure grounds for divorce.

Thanks to Canadian adultery laws, you can get your divorce granted if your spouse is fooling around…but you’re probably wondering:

How do I catch my cheating spouse in the act?

Cheating in the Millennium: It’s Complicated

Anyone can stand up in court and claim a spouse is cheating, but do you think your judge will take your words as gospel when claiming your “beloved partner” is having an affair?
Nope, not at all.

You need proof, and proof that goes beyond, “Oh she “liked” his photo on Facebook!”
You can get your friends to do some snooping, or you can hope that your spouse is stupid enough to reveal he or she is having an affair through:

  • Emails
  • Financial Records
  • Phone records
  • Etc.

But are you able to then use this information in court as tangible evidence? Maybe…or maybe not.
Are you positive that that $200 random purchase on Friday was made for a mistress?
Are you certain that the hour long conversation she had with her “old boyfriend” was more than platonic?
You need enough evidence to produce a compelling case to get the divorce you deserve.

That’s why you need a private investigator to do the job for you.

Private Investigators: Busting Marital Infidelity

Hiring a private investigator to prove marital infidelity is the smartest choice you can make if you want proof that will have the judge saying, “You’re divorced” in a flash.

What will a private investigator do, you might wonder?
Well, he or she certainly won’t be busting up the hotel with guns a blazing like in some action flick. An ethical and professional private investigator will:

  • Investigate financial records
  • Investigate computer activity, from emails to internet searches
  • Investigate where your spouse is going—to and from—without breaking any laws…or causing any harm

And more!

Investing in a private investigator to get the information you need to prove adultery is a smart move. It takes the weight of discovery out of your hands, and keeps you from revealing that you’re “on the prowl” looking for information regarding such activities.

It can be a very emotional process in itself—trying to prove adultery…why put yourself through the task of having to provide legal evidence and undergo the emotional difficulty? Put the task in the hands of professionals who have experience catching cheaters for years both legally, and ethically. You’ll be glad you made the investment.