Is My Office Bugged?

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Electronic eavesdropping and hidden camera usage is on the rise in corporations and public places of gathering. But when it comes to work, these types of monitoring can feel very invasive and worrisome.  If you have ever wondered “Is my office bugged?,” you’re not alone. Perhaps your boss is checking on office productivity, potential fraud concerns, or is simply wondering what your personal habits are at work.  You may be wondering if it’s time to get a hidden camera detector or perhaps, conduct your own “little investigation,” but the reality is it takes the work of private detective services to really discover whether you’re dealing with a potentially “bugged office” or not.

Hiring a professional bug sweeper who is experienced in uncovering electronic eavesdropping, as well as using a hidden camera detector and other “bug sweep” devices everywhere from the domestic home to corporate places of employment, is a wise investment.

Here are some signs you may need to hire a professional bug sweeper. The honest truth is a professional will hide bugs and hidden cameras rather carefully, which is why you need to consider the work of private detective services to uncover what’s really going on. You may be being paranoid or you may be right: your office may be bugged. Either way as a layman, it may be next to impossible to uncover bugs, but watch out for these signs:

Your Office May Be Under A Hidden Camera Detector & Bugs

These aren’t guaranteed signs that you should go out and search for private detective services in your area, but they may indicate that your office is bugged.

1- People Are Acting Strange: Are people at the office acting strange around you?

2- Empty Offices Are Now Full: Do you see typically empty offices now “full” with unfamiliar faces?

3- The Office is in Disarray: It’s not the whole place, but certain things in your office are out of place. Furniture may be moved around (maybe your boss or a coworker claimed the cleaning lady did it or that there was an office “redecorate” project?) or perhaps you notice some drywall filings on the floor in your office. Hmm.

4- Use Another Office: If there’s another conference room or place in the building you can conduct your work, do so, and in your normal office, place a camera of your own.

5- The Phone is Acting “Buggy”: Have you noticed your phone in the office is acting wonky? If your phone is suddenly making weird noises like beeps or popping sounds, you should be wary. Your phone may be bugged.

The best advice if you notice this or any other strange signs, is to stop wondering “Is my office bugged?” and start getting answers. The only way to truly detect if your office is bugged is to hire a professional bug sweeper. Contact your local investigation agency to find out today.