VIP INVESTIGATIONS, INC is a licensed private investigator firm that provides our clients with solid and discreet evidence based investigations to deliver them the facts they need to know! For most people in Kirkland Quebec, a private detective may seem like some shady or wild television character, but a licensed private investigator is not like what you’ve seen on television!

Trusted Private Detective Services Located in Kirkland Quebec

We provide our clients with concrete evidence to support their investigations.

Our clients in Kirkland know that we work tirelessly to follow every lead, applying only ethical and legal research techniques to uncover the truth.

We treat each individual case with the utmost care and confidentiality as if it were our very own personal case.

Kirkland Private Detective: Our Services

Our private investigator services encompass the following:

When our clients need concrete proof and substantial evidence, they come to us for a private detective that is known in Kirkland Quebec for undertaking countless cases whether it’s to battle contract litigations, insurance fraud inquiries, domestic matters and more.

For more information on how we can assist you contact VIP Investigations, Inc. today at 514-238-8847.