Why You Need Social Media Monitoring?

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Think that social media posts don’t really matter?

Think again. Doing a little social media monitoring can go a long way whether it’s for a court case (family or criminal) or in order to protect your online reputation. More and more people are turning to a social media private investigator to use the power of social media to do a wide variety of things. As much as you think your own internet savvy skills can get you the information you want, an online reputation expert or social media private investigator has the research skills, professional experience, software and dedication to build a solid case for you—or help you protect your identity online.

Why Do People Conduct Online Investigations

Don’t be surprised—we live a majority of our lives online. Email, social media posts, Instagram photos. They say so much about who we are, whom we are dealing with and what exactly we are doing with our lives. Online investigations are part and parcel of a thorough investigation. Any social media private investigator can attest to the power of social media and online research reveals.

Here are a few examples in which someone will turn to an online reputation expert for help:

1- Getting harassed online? A private detective who specializes in online investigations can build you a case in order to take down your Internet bully.

2- Headed to family court? Did your spouse cheat? Is he or she engaging in risky behaviors that could harm your kids? Social media monitoring can reveal more than you know.

3- Involved in a criminal case? Let’s see if that alibi really stands or if this person at trial is who he or she says he/she is!

4- Curious about a suspicious employee’s behaviors? A little professional online research can say oh so much!

An online investigator will review sites such as:

  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Tumblr and more!

While you may think you can conduct the same kind of “investigation,” you truly cannot. Hiring a professional online investigator is worth your money.

What an Online Reputation Expert Will Find

An online expert will find:

– Statuses and updates from a person or group
– Online search history
– Photos
– Where someone has been or gone to
– Who someone is interacting with
– Messages

A professional will utilize software and monitor activity to uncover what you need to know, whether you are the one in a case being examined, or you are researching someone else. From new posts to old posts, a private investigator who handles such matters will get you the information you need to know without revealing the investigation or compromising yours or another party’s security.

Consider the power of such an investigation for the simplest matters as a background check or for use in a custody trial. The Internet is a landmine full of information some of which you might wish (once you learn about it) that you never knew. No matter what, social media monitoring is a powerful tool.