Preemployment Screening: Protecting Your Business

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Your business is your baby—it’s a “child” you nurture from sunrise to sunset. How can you protect your business to be sure it’s got the right staff and right security measures? It’s more than preemployment screening to make sure your potential interviewee is not only good at interviewing, but also an ethical human being—but hey! —That’s step number one.

Here are some solid ways to protect your business, surround yourself with the right staff and take the right security measures to keep business as usual—and not business…with monkey business!

Employee Screening: Background Check For Employment

As you’re interviewing and conducting employee screening, what are the things you should be doing to ensure a proper background check for employment?
Here are a few things you should do with each potential candidate you are looking to hire:

  • References—don’t scrimp and simply “trust your gut!” Make sure you get at least three references, and make two of those supervisory references.
  • Drug testing—don’t be hasty—get a drug screening in for your candidates!
  • Background check—this is a must. One hopes a candidate is honest about his or her legal background, but don’t make the mistake of going by a candidate’s word. This person wants the job and might say whatever it takes to get it.

Hiring the right staff is key to having a successful business, but it takes more than that to secure your business’s future.
The next step is: having proper business security.

Business Security: Form Good Police Relationships

If you want a secure business, get to know your local police squad to have high business security:

– Make friends with your local law enforcement staff. Butter them up. Contribute to their law enforcement associations. Let them know who you are, what you do, and to please, look out for your business.

Of course, you are hoping that all your employee screening earned you the best candidates and people possible for your business’s success, but you can never be too certain. And what about destruction to your business’s property or other matters that may happen in which an outside camera could be your best witness?

Don’t scrimp on security measures for your potential employees or for your business property. If you want to reap an investment, you must make an investment.

These are steps you’ll be glad you took to ensure a successful enterprise!