Separation: Getting a Divorce in Canada

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Going through the divorce procedure and frantically researching for a divorce lawyer or mediator is a stressful time. It is common for people to experience depression and anxiety while going through a separation with their spouses because it is a tremendous life change. If there are children involved, the divorce procedure then becomes even more complicated. It can be difficult to stay clear-headed and positive.

Things to Consider Before Divorce Procedure

If you’re getting a divorce in Canada, here are a few things you need to consider before you call that divorce lawyer or mediator:

  • Finances: Do you have debt as a married couple and if so, is it significant? If you’re a stay-at home mom or dad, will you have to go back to work? What is your credit like as an individual? Your spouse’s? Consider how a divorce will impact your finances and lifestyle
  • Change of Lifestyle: From dating to work and finances, a separation will change your life sometimes drastically and sometimes not as much. It can be a tough adjustment. Mentally prepare yourself for how the divorce will affect you.
  • Children: If you have children, getting a divorce in Canada will most likely mean shared custody. Are you ready to share your kids and their time with your future ex-spouse? Are you aware of how your children may act out and/ or regress during the divorce procedure?
  • Greif & Recovery: Ending your marriage will bring on a roller coaster of emotions. Prepare for them and let yourself feel your emotions. It takes time to recover from divorce.
  • Sudden Job Changes: Does it appear that your ex is suddenly earning less money than before the separation? It’s not uncommon for people to start asking for cash in order to avoid paying more in alimony and child support

Call the Divorce Lawyer: Common Fights Among Divorcing Couples

Here are some common battles that come up during divorce proceedings:

  • Suspicions of hidden financial assets and money wars
  • Custody arrangements: Who are the kids with and how often do they see the other parent? Is your former spouse treating your children well? Perhaps you suspect that your soon-to-be former spouse is living with someone and now you’re battling it out or concerned about how this person is with the kids. Arguments flare surrounding the children when you’re getting a divorce in Canada.
  • The marital home: Who keeps the marital home or do you two sell it? If you don’t sell, does one buy out the other?
  • Stocks & 401K: Who gets what?
  • Marital Debt: Divvying up marital debt is a doozy and incredibly tense process.
  • Infidelity: Did your spouse cheat and can you prove it?

No matter what the battle, getting a divorce is a difficult process but if you’ve got serious concerns regarding your spouse, a private investigator is often a fool-proof way to get the concrete proof and evidence you and your divorce lawyer may be looking for. There’s only so much a lawyer can skew the situation in your favor but no judge can deny the concreteness of hardcore proof that a private detective can produce when dealing with domestic matters. It’s something to consider if you are separated from your spouse and think there may be a harsh divorce battle.