surveillanceA few years ago the biggest fad in home video surveillance was the “nanny cam,” a hidden video recorder placed in something innocuous (like a teddy bear or a picture frame) that allowed you to “spy” on your babysitter. From what we understand, a number of nannies found themselves out of a job not long after that mysterious teddy showed up on the mantle.

But real electronic surveillance is more complicated – and more sophisticated – than that. At VIP Investigations, we handle everything from in-home cameras to computer forensics investigations. Our fully licensed and insured private investigators in Ontario and Montreal provide cutting-edge technologies and well-practiced techniques in all manners of surveillance.

Digital Video Recording: While most people use DVRs to tape their favorite TV shows, we use DVR for home video surveillance. We place tiny, unnoticeable cameras in and around your home to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

GPS Tracking: Cell phones, Blackberries, tablets – all of them come equipped with GPS technology. Turning on the GPS helps us find anyone from a runaway child to a cheating spouse.

Remote Listening Devices:Sometimes you need home audio surveillance as much as you need home video surveillance. We use remote listening devices to help us get the evidence you need for whatever case you’re pursuing.

Computer Forensics: No investigation would be complete without taking a look into the computer. We offer forensics services for private individuals and business owners.

From DVR to catching a cheating spouse, electronic surveillance handles it all. So does VIP Investigations. We’ve been the Consumer’s Choice Award winner for more than five years!

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