surveillanceBack in the day, pop culture was raving about the “nanny cam,” one of the most popular surveillance investigations tools ever! A nanny cam was a hidden video recorder placed in an innocent item like a teddy bear that helped parents spy on babysitters and nannies to see just what kind of a job they were really doing with their kid!

But today, a personal investigator agency that utilizes professional surveillance tools is more complicated and sophisticated than a teddy bear holding a camera. And VIP Investigations, the premier licensed and fully-insured agency for private investigator Ontario and Montreal services, uses the most sophisticated cutting-edge technologies and techniques when it comes to surveillance in all cases, both domestic and workplace.

Private Investigator Ontario & Montreal:
Professional Surveillance Techniques & Tools

From in-home cameras to sophisticated computer forensics, we do it all, such as:
Digital Video Recording: While most people use DVRs to tape their favorite TV shows, we use DVR for home video surveillance. We place tiny, unnoticeable cameras in and around your home to keep an eye out for suspicious activity.
GPS Tracking: Cell phones, Blackberries, tablets – all of them come equipped with GPS technology. Turning on the GPS helps us find anyone.

Computer Forensics: No investigation would be complete without taking a look into the computer that usually tells quite a story. We offer forensics services for private individuals and business owners.

Whether you’re handling a domestic situation or a workplace situation, VIP Investigations uses the best surveillance investigations tools on the market. Call us today at (514) 238-8847 for a consultation on your case.