teenage runawayThere are almost 50,000 reported cases of teenage runaways in Canada each year. That number is shocking in and of itself, but for the parents of runaway children it’s an especially hard pill to swallow. It’s important to act quickly if your child runs away, and hiring a private investigator in Canada can help bring your teen home.

At VIP Investigations, We Know How to Find Teenage Runaways

We use a combination of sophisticated technology with old-fashioned detective work to create the best possible chance to find teenage runaways as quickly as possible. Our fully licensed and insured team of investigators always acts with the utmost professionalism and compassion: we want to alleviate your stress, not add to it.

Hiring a Private Investigator in Canada Can Help

When you hire a private investigator in Canada, you’re giving yourself an advantage. The more people looking for the teenage runaways, the better the chances are they’ll be found. Our process involves:

Working with the police. We’ll look at the police report and speak with the detective assigned to the case. We also keep in close contract with the police during our investigation.
Talking to friends and neighbors. We leave no stone unturned in out interviews. Oftentimes runaway children give an indication that they’re unhappy. If a friend, neighbor, authority figure or family member knows something, we’ll find out.
Checking electronics. We’ll scour phone, computers, Blackberries, email messages – even social networking sites – to find clues that could lead to your child.
At VIP Investigations, we’ll do everything within our power to locate your missing child as quickly as possible.

When you’re looking for runaway children, time is of the essence. VIP Investigations can help. We’re proud to have been the Consumer’s Choice Award winner for more than five years!
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