The Importance of Video Surveillance & Internet Surveillance in Infidelity Cases

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Infidelity is a very personal and often traumatic experience that has ruined many marriages. The suspicious activities that go along with infidelity are enough to make any loyal spouse feel uncertain about almost every aspect of their marriage. In most cases, infidelity leads to divorce, which creates an entire realm of legal hardship including spousal support (alimony), child custody, and child support.  As if divorce were not disheartening enough, the legal proceedings that accompany it are nothing short of a nightmare without documented supporting evidence. Here are some ways that video surveillance and internet surveillance can help you prove infidelity in your marriage, and help you attain the child and spousal support you so rightfully deserve.

Internet Surveillance

Infidelity raises a variety of questions, including:

  • Where does my spouse go when he or she disappears?
  • Is my spouse actually cheating on me?
  • Is my spouse really “stuck at the office” again?
  • Why are my calls continually sent to voicemail when I try to reach my spouse?

Answers to questions such as these can easily be answered through video surveillance. To maximize the benefit of video surveillance, it is essential to seek the guidance of an experienced private investigator who is highly trained in surveillance. Video surveillance can help you to answer all of the questions listed above for your peace of mind, plus it also provides concrete, irrefutable evidence for legal cases concerning spousal support and child support.

Since technology creates a footprint, internet surveillance can tell investigators a great deal about your spouse. By tracking someone’s internet usage, you can gather critical information, including: emails, instant messages, recent purchases, access to pornographic websites and a variety of other supporting evidence to prove infidelity. Uncovering incriminating emails through internet surveillance is often times enough to prove infidelity, provide you with the answers you need, and uphold your eligibility to receive spousal support.

It is understandable that a devoted spouse should feel conflicted about utilizing video surveillance and internet surveillance to prove infidelity in a marriage. A cheating spouse creates troubling and uncertain times for a couple, and with these come a host of mixed emotions. From a strictly legal standpoint, it is wise to have the concrete evidence of infidelity documented, through either video surveillance or internet surveillance, for the sake of protecting the marital assets to which you and your children may be entitled. Child custody, as well as child and spousal support can be difficult to achieve without solid proof of infidelity.

Video Surveillance

Lastly, it is imperative that the video surveillance or internet surveillance be conducted legitimately and well within the guidelines of the law. If evidence is collected illegally during surveillance, it can be thrown out of court, and you may face criminal charges for the violation of your spouse’s privacy – even if he or she was unfaithful.  This is why, when it comes to proving infidelity through either video or internet surveillance, it is highly advisable that you hire a professional private investigator with years of experience in handling similar cases. Contact our Montreal private investigation agency at 514-238-8847, and allow us to assist you in proving infidelity and receiving the spousal support you have earned.