workers-compensation-fraudNothing can damage a business like fraudulent workers compensation claims. Each year, they cost Canadian businesses billions of dollars. If you believe that your employees may be falsifying their benefits claims, it’s time to start a workers compensation investigation.

Since 1994, the professional and dedicated team at VIP Investigations has been helping companies with corporate investigations in Quebec and Montreal, Canada. Our fully licensed, bonded and insured investigators can help you save time and money with some of our proven techniques:

Workers Compensation Fraud Claims

  • Stationary or mobile surveillance
  • Background checks
  • Interviews with staff members
  • Discreet evidence collection

Workers Compensation Investigation

Workers compensation claims are available to help employees who have become sick or injured – not to waste your company’s money. Hiring a private investigator in our Montreal, Quebec, Canada office can help you determine if your employees are really getting the help they need. We have traveled nationally and internationally to help eliminate workers compensation fraud and we will do it for you, too. We’ve been the Consumer’s Choice winner for more than five years, and we’ll work hard to provide the same level of excellence and care for you that we’ve provided for so many others.

We perform corporate investigations from our Quebec / Montreal-based offices. Our private investigator team will get you the evidence you need to make your case.
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